Verne´s drawings

In Jules Verne´s diary, written during the journey through the Scandinavian countries in 1861, he made some very nice drawings from the places he visited.
The diary with it´s drawings are owned by Bibliothèques d’Amiens Métropole, France. Now these unique drawings are presented outside the library for the first time, on the w.w.web through The Norwegian Jules Verne site. We thank The Verne-collection at the library, and Mr. Bernard Sinoquet, for granting this unique permission.

(click on the images to see enlarged version)

Kastellet_on_Kastellholmen_StockholmKastellet, on Kastellholmen [L] – Stockholm harbour

KatarinaKyrkan_Stockholm_JVerne_Diary1861Katarina-kyrkan [L] on Sødermalm, Stockholm

Sur «la Josephine» arrive á Sandvigen fjord – admirable situation de la ville – diner – cuisiner fumant son cigarre – promenade du soir – canons d`un navire dont le matelots parle anglais – Vue chateau fond au fjord – rochers dans la rade  – description charmante    – Jules Verne 1861
By coastal steamer «S/S Josephine » on  the Oslo fjord  to Sandvika

-maisons en bois rouge …. 6 maisons-

Wooden barn/stable at the Hurum-peninsula, between the Drammen- and Oslo-fjords

Traditional clothing of the Kongsberg miners

-maison a Tiness-
«Stabbur»(food-storage), a wooden building at the Tinnes farm, close to Notodden, Telemark

– halte à 1o heures, Dans la fromagerie –
«Seter», building for cheese-making, in front of Mount Gausta at Rjukan, Telemark

Wooden church at Dale, Rjukan in Telemark.

As a comparison can be seen the very same church in today´s setting (2010). When Jules Verne visited the place the church had recently been  restructured (1841).
The Google interactive streetview and map embedded below, shows the exact geographical setting of the two last drawings. In the background can be seen the Mount Gausta (with some snow on the top) which Verne and his friends ascended.

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